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Shipping Challenges

Updated: Feb 9

It probably isn’t news to anyone that shipping comes with challenges, such as breakage, lost packages, theft, etc. And these challenges affect small businesses such as ours.


We are publishing this blog to explain how we handle domestic shipping. For the most part, we ship USPS Ground Advantage (USPS GA), which comes with $100 insurance. 

  • $6 Shipping is for orders under 1 pound/under $300; these orders are not insured beyond what comes with USPS GA

  • $10 Shipping is for orders over 1 pound (under 5 pounds)/over $300 (under $600) - these orders may or may not be insured above USPS GA – if the order is over $300, we include additional insurance at no cost to the customer. If the order is under $300, we do not include additional insurance.

  • $15 Shipping is for orders over 5 pound/over $600 - these orders always have additional insurance added at no cost to the customer.


What's changing? Starting today, any new or updated invoices between $125-299 will have a “Tipping” option – We don’t want you to tip us (although that has happened at gem and mineral shows…LOL). We will be using Square’s Tipping option for optional additional insurance. If you’d like your order insured beyond the standard USPS GA’s $100 insurance, please follow the directions, and “tip” us $2. Update Feb. 9, 2024: We got some new information from the post office - their insurance does not cover theft. We will be adding the Tipping option to ALL invoices under $300.


Why are we doing it this way? We don’t want to change our shipping costs, but we want to offer you optional protection if you want it.


A couple other things to note:

  • If you have breakage, please send pics of the breakage and the exterior packaging.

  • As a norm, we do not offer expedited shipping unless requested. If you ever need something fast, please let us know and we can amend your invoice accordingly to get your order to you when you need it.

If you have any questions, please let us know.


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