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Facebook, Restream, TikTok…oh my!!!!

As you know, live shows are a big part of Seaside Stones. Over the past few months, Facebook has made several changes that have made Facebook live shows not what they used to be. Two of the biggest issues are that comments are being filtered and that streams get glitchy/frozen. The first issue impacts our customers since we don’t see people claiming items. Enter Restream, a third-party provider that allows us to stream simultaneously to Facebook and to YouTube and eliminates comment filtering. (A great thing for our non-Facebook customers.) Unfortunately Restream is not the perfect solution as we have been having issues with the quality of the image.

Yesterday, for Wednesday Rocks we went live on TikTok, and the quality of the image is superb. Many people, including us, have some trepidation about TikTok. I (Theresa) have been on it for a while since it is another avenue for small business marketing and sales. Chris has been on TikTok since yesterday.

Today, we did Thursday Rock since we thought we had finally figured it out (after two hours chatting with Restream support earlier today). Nope, no such luck… today’s image quality was better than it has been, but we learned something new – the image may look great on a phone, but on a computer, it is super blurry – and carvings and cabs show up very differently.

So where does this leave us…

On Saturday, we will post a preview of Saturday Night Live on Cabochons, Beads, and More. The Saturday Night Live show will be on TikTok (we will post a link to the live on the cab group and the Seaside Stones page). A recap of what’s left will be posted on Cabochons, Beads, and More. Also, there is a featured (pinned) post on the Seaside Stones Facebook page on how to find us on TikTok

If you cannot watch the live on TikTok, like any other Saturday Night Live, you can message Chris or Seaside Stones on what you would like pics of. We will send pics the following Saturday as we are taking Sunday through Friday off for some R&R.

We know this plan won’t work for everyone just as Facebook doesn’t work for everyone. So, we will do our best to show you items you are interested in via Facebook PM’s. And, going forward we will keep trying to get Restream to work better, we will explore going live on Instagram, etc.

Thank you for understanding,

Theresa and Chris

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