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Changes to Online Sales

This "Ramblings" is being written for two reasons. We are changing our US shipping policy and we need to clarify our 30 day invoice cancelation policy.

New US Shipping Policy - orders under 1 pounds / under $300 shipping is $6, orders over 1 pound (under 5 pounds) / over $300 (under $600) shipping is $10, orders 5+ pounds / over $600 shipping is $15

30 day invoice cancelation policy - We will no longer be reaching out beyond the Square final reminder - we will cancel your order as per that reminder unless you contact us. Fyi - Square automatically sends reminders on your due date and every seven days up until the final 30 day reminder, which let's you know you have 5 days or your order will be canceled.

Please read on if you want to know why these changes are being made.

Why is shipping changing? The cost of shipping insurance is rising and unfortunately we have to pass that cost on. The good part, unlike Hulu who just notified us of a rate increase, this increase only applies to orders $300+

Why is the 30 day policy being enforced this way? Honestly, because we don't have time to chase people down, we don't have the space to hold things, and being very candid, the recent lack of communication/common courtesy is astounding. Also, we think 30 days open is pretty fair considering what we see with other sellers.

  • Chasing people (aka nagging) - Square automates invoice reminders for us. Beyond that additional reminders/pm's/emails take effort that we can spend elsewhere, like drilling, shipping, customer service, etc. The only nagging at Seaside Stones should be Theresa nagging Chris!

  • We lose things - We try really hard to keep track of open orders but there's only so much space to do that. Cabs are fairly easy, but we do occasionally put back stones that had been claimed but not yet paid. Bigger things are more challenging to keep track of. How does one lose a fairly large carving claimed in May? Who

  • Ghosting isn't just for dating apps - Recently we've been ghosted by several customers. This is frustrating for several reasons - the person ghosting us has prevented someone else who wanted the stone from getting it, plus it's also tying up inventory, space, etc. We completely understand that things come up and when you let us know we can usually work with you! If you don't let us know, your invoice will be canceled at 30 days and you may find that your future claims are not honored.

Thank you for understanding and we appreciate your support of our small business!

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I agree and apologize for not paying better attention.

Me gusta

Sounds completely fair!!! I’m a monthly customer for sure, but I think 30 days is more than fair!! I really appreciate it!! Thank you both for all you do!!!

Me gusta
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