Meet Chris and Theresa


Chris and Theresa, in their favorite place...Maine!


From the 2018 Rhode Island Gem and Mineral Show in Warwick, RI

The store in Eastport Maine

Chris and Theresa are Seaside Stones!

You can find Seaside Stones at gem and mineral shows, online, and at our store. We are based in Washington County, Maine...far up the coast in the US, just before you get to Canada!

Seaside Stones online - besides this website, we are on Facebook and Instagram. We sell from all three of those places, but mostly from our Facebook group and during our Facebook LIVE shows.

Seaside Stones on the road - we are basically a a traveling "rock shop". when we do gem and mineral shows, Depending on the show we may be mostly cabochons and the jewelry we make with our cabochons, and at some we will also have the other cool rocks that we carry. You can find us at gem and mineral shows from Maine to Tucson. In 2019 we did 13 shows. In 2020 we were scheduled to do 20 shows, but thanks to COVID-19 we only did seven. We were formerly "Earth First Productions"; we changed our name after opening our store 


Seaside Stones brick and mortar - we have a seasonal rock shop in Eastport Maine (open May through December). At the store, we mostly carry jewelry made from our cabochons, and rocks, minerals, and fossils. We have a small selection of cabochons at the store. Additionally, we carry Bouncies from Bohemia - we are the only store in Maine that carries them. 

The Seaside Retreat is also part of Seaside Stones. It is our vacation rental in Eastport Maine, available for rent through Airbnb.

Earth First Productions officially began in 2014, doing gem and mineral shows in Texas and Louisiana. The store opened on Black Friday 2017. 

Our business is a product of a hobby that grew out of control - . Chris has been a rockhound since he was a child. Theresa learned to love rocks because of him, and now makes most of the jewelry for the business. Periodically we post more about us on Facebook and Instagram; follow us to learn more about us and our adventures.

Theresa and Chris are also the founders of the Washington County Gem and Mineral Society, the home of the Washington County Rockhounds. Theresa serves as the president and Chris as the treasurer.

February 2021 Update