Welcome to Ramblings

Hi everybody, it's Theresa from Seaside Stones.

If you ever watch out Facebook LIVE events, then you've heard that line. Clearly I don't have enough to do, because now I've decided to add a blog to our page. Why? I think I am a glutton for punishment or I just need a place to write or I think it will help you guys know us a little better. ...hmmm...I think it is all three! Anyway, welcome to Ramblings.

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Happy New Year!

I missed a December Ramblings ☹ so I will shoot for two this month 😊 The holidays are always a busy time for people. For us it was incredibly busy as we had a lot of custom jewelry orders. I love mak


I wrote our email today (I’ll attach it to the end of this blog post*) and it made me think... Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, which takes new meaning in 2020. I am thankful that through all of


Normally this time of year we already have our schedule planned for January through April. This year we have no idea what the first four months of 2021 will look like. So far, the Fredericksburg Texas