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Normally this time of year we already have our schedule planned for January through April. This year we have no idea what the first four months of 2021 will look like.

So far, the Fredericksburg Texas show is still on for mid-January. It is one of our favorite shows and we hope it happens. However, the venue is small so we don't know what the club will decide.

In 2020 we went to Florida for the first time and did three shows there. Chris really wanted to do one of the Tucson shows, but I said no...Tucson is such a long show and Florida would allow me to see my dad. When we found out the schedule for 2021 Florida shows, we knew they wouldn't work for us since one of them conflicted with one of our Texas shows. So, we decided to bite the bullet, so to speak, and apply to be a dealer in Tucson. If the show happens, that's where we will be from the end of January until mid-February.

At this point, the Clear Lake Texas show is still on. So straight from Tucson, we will head to Pasadena for that show. The Clear Lake show holds a special spot in our hearts since it was our official debut as a gem show dealer back in 2015 and we have been there every year since. Hopefully, we will be back for our sixth year there.

Beyond Clear Lake, we have no idea where we will head next. We are not sure if the Gulf Coast show in Robstown is happening. San Antonio has already canceled their 2021 show. In 2020 we were supposed to go from San Antonio to North Carolina and do our first three shows in NC, but all of those were canceled. Hopefully 2021 will get us there for at least one or two shows.

I'm a planner - partially because of corporate background and partially because of this business. And also, because there are a lot of logistics to consider when doing shows across the country. So, the uncertainty is making me a bit nuts!

Stay well,



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