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Reflection - It is hard to believe that believe this would have been day one of Tucson for us. It is even harder to believe that our last show was the middle of March 2020. Both make Chris and I sad, but we have been so lucky that Cabochons, Beads, and More, our Facebook group, has grown to almost 2500 members and that our Facebook Live events reach so many...over 600 this past Thursday evening. We miss the people we see year after year at the shows in Fredericksburg, Pasadena, Robbstown, San Antonio, Portland, Franklin, and Newry And, we miss meeting new people at those shows and the ones who we would have been met at our first time shows. However, we have built new relationships with people we may never meet in person and we continue many relationships with our show regulars via Facebook, email, and phone. We are so grateful for the support of our customers...our friends.

Health - Luckily, Chris and I have stayed healthy through all of this and our goal is to stay that way. Neither of us have any major health issues, but as many of you know I have an autoimmune disorder and Chris is a cancer survivor. When two out of four Texas shows canceled, we made the decision not to head south for Texas and Tucson. Staying safe was more important than shows. Then Tucson postponed anyway… When our two events in Maine canceled (one scheduled for April and one for May), we decided that staying safe meant canceling out of all winter and spring shows. We will miss escaping part of winter in Maine, seeing family, etc. but health is more important. We hope to be back on the gem and mineral show circuit in September. We will keep you posted.

Craziness - seems to be a theme for us, whether it is professor Chris and his geology lessons, Kermit arms, weird accents, etc. You never know what will happen on a Facebook Live show! Seriously though, Chris and I often think "how did we work full time and have a business?". Granted, our business prior to moving to Maine (and leaving full time employment) was quite different than it is today. Now it seems we live and breathe rocks! There is always something to do, but we love it! More importantly, most of the time we love working together. When we don't, he goes down the basement, where most of the rocks live, and I stay upstairs. We are even redoing downstairs, so he has one side and I have the other. The washer and dryer are in the middle, so I wash, and he folds 😊

As I closed the last blog - Whether we know you from a show, from the store, or from online Chris and I thank you for your support of our business over the years, and we wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2021!

Stay well,


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