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On the Road Again...

Greetings from Texas!

The drive from Maine to Texas was long and uneventful, which is always a good thing when you are driving half way across the country in winter.

Many of you get to hear us since we do Facebook live shows, but those have been few and far between recently.


At the end of Thanksgiving weekend we closed the store for the season. We spent the next 10 days getting ready for a cruise and gem and mineral shows.

We headed to Bangor on December 10th. It was a crappy day weather wise, but our flight to Florida was early the next morning. We got to have dinner with Jeff and Bethany and return Jeff's drill. (Thank you again Jeff!) We travel almost all of the next day, getting to Florida in time for dinner. Sunday we relaxed and got ready to board the ship.

I don't like the heat and we are not cruise fans. But it was great to see my dad and Elly and it was awesome to disconnect. I've posted pics on my personal Facebook and am including two at the end of this post. Great to see places I had never seen before, awesome to snorkel, and amazing to be disconnected for a bit.

Returning home was another adventure... long travel day, overnight in Bangor, and another drive in crappy weather. Plus it was hit the ground running from the moment we got home! More packing so we could leave for shows, plus packing and shipping orders, a couple of live shows, drilling (once the drill arrived) and making jewelry, and lots of laundry!

The plan was to leave bright and early Saturday morning (Jan 8th), but mother nature had a different plan. A blizzard on Friday! It wasn't a bad storm, just lots of snow! (Pics from Saturday morning included.)

The journey started Saturday afternoon and ended Thursday evening. Not the best weather on Saturday and Sunday, but it got warmer as we went south And we also got Whataburger on Thursday!

I would have ended the blog post here, but I started writing it on Friday and am still writing on Monday.

Fredericksburg was a great show! (Two pics included.) Awesome to see dealers and customer we hadn't seen since 2020. Great to be doing what we love in person. And awful to be here during cedar fever time..ugh my allergies are killing me and I get to go through it twice this year... Texas cedar then Maine cedar.

Now it's time to get into a away from home routine before heading to Tucson on the 25th.

Stay well and stay warm!


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