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Evolution – Part 2

Yes, the store is officially closed. Why? Because work life balance is important!

As many of you know, Chris is a retired teacher. He’s busier now than when he was teaching. I left corporate America to focus on our business; I too am busier than when I worked full time. The biggest pro is we are WAY HAPPIER now than when we were working more traditional jobs. However, the biggest con is that we still struggle with work life balance, and I struggle finding time to make jewelry and expand my jewelry making skillset.

As I write this, we just completed our 13th gem and mineral show of the year. So far 2022 has taken us to shows in Texas, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Maine, plus the show in Tucson. Add to that countless Facebook Live shows and selling via our Facebook groups and website. The rest of 2022 will include Facebook Live shows, posting on our groups, adding items to our website, and shows in New York, Virginia, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and possibly one in Maine.

Gem and mineral shows take up a lot of time – prepping for the show, driving to and from the show, and the show itself. Facebook Live shows are also time consuming – prepping for the live, doing the show, plus invoicing, packing, and shipping. Online sales have multiple tasks involved as well – taking pictures, posting, plus invoicing, packing, and shipping. Additionally, I make almost all the jewelry for our business, including custom orders. All of this plays into why we decided to eliminate the brick and mortar side of our business.

The store opened on Black Friday 2017; we met many people during the four plus years we were open. We appreciate all who shopped at the store, and we hope you will continue to support our small business online and at shows.



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