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Our business has changed so much since we started back in 2014. Part of our evolution has been due to honing our interests when it comes to the business and part has been because of circumstances, such as moving to Maine, COVID-19, etc.

The original iteration of our business started as gem and mineral show dealers and those shows are the foundation of Seaside Stones. Our online presence has expanded tremendously since 2020 and has been an awesome addition to the business. We love doing gem and mineral shows and we love our Facebook Live shows, our online groups, etc.; these aspects of our business are fun for us, yet overwhelming at times!

We pride ourselves on being transparent with our customers whether it is about the stones we offer or our business in general. With all of that “said”, we want to let you know that the Seaside Stones will be evolving yet again… the building that houses the store has been listed for sale and we will be phasing out the brick and mortar side of the business.

The next chapter of Seaside Stones will allow us to expand the number of gem and mineral shows we do, allow us more time to focus on the online side of the business, and it will allow Theresa to explore new avenues in jewelry making. It will also mean that the store hours will be more limited this summer. Some of you have been part of our journey since 2014 and some of you joined our journey more recently. No matter how long you have been part of the Seaside Stones family, we appreciate you and your support and we look forward to you being part of our continued evolution. Cheers,


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