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Change is in the air!

As many of you know the Seaside Stones’ storefront is closing.

What does that mean?

  • It means we are getting out of the brick and mortar part of our business and that there are no changes to our name or the other aspects of our business.

Additionally, it means:

  • We will be doing more gem and mineral shows – we will still primarily be focused on doing shows on the east coast from Maine to Virginia, with North Carolina, Texas, and Tucson being part of our winter schedule.

  • We will be doing up to three Facebook LIVE shows each week, gem show schedule permitting. We will try to post recaps of what is available (time permitting) on the Online Rock Shop group.

  • We will post on our Facebook groups regularly.

  • We will keep our website updated more regularly, especially with jewelry.

  • For our local Maine customers, delivery may be an option if you are located in the Calais/Eastport/Perry area, and possibly the Machias area as well, if we have plans to go that way for another reason.

To minimize what needs to be relocated and to give you an option to purchase what we are not relocating, we are having an inventory reduction sale. This means that after August 21st some of what you see in the store will NOT be available and/or will not be sale priced.

  • August 19th and 20th – The store will be open both days from noon to 5.

  • August 21st – We will have our final Facebook LIVE show from the store at 7 PM EDT.

How can you keep in touch with us? has links to everything you need to stay in touch.

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