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What happened to February?

Somehow I lost a whole month!

Keeping the same theme as my last blog post

Reflection - We've missed being on the road, but we really enjoyed being home! On the personal side we haven't done much since it is winter here in Maine, but we did get out once on our snowshoes. We've also been doing a lot in the basement. I have an awesome new workspace for making jewelry (pics below - it keeps evolving so I will show new pics on Facebook periodically). On the business side, the store went to appointment only, online has kept us busy, and shows are still on hold. At this point our plan is to restart shows in September.

Health - Chris and I are still healthy (knock on wood). And Maine recently announced a change in how they are doing vaccines. We hold to get vaccinated in April, which will be great to getting back to normal at the store and returning to doing shows.

Craziness - It is still a theme for us, but apparently ya'll like it because you show up for our comedy shows, I mean our Facebook Live shows!

In lieu of an email

We are still doing virtual shopping appointments from the store and the house, we are continuing to update the website, we are continuing to post on Facebook and Instagram, including posting on our Facebook group Cabochons, Beads, and More, and we are continuing with our three Facebook LIVE show each week: Thursday Rocks, Friday Rockin’ into the Weekend, and Saturday Night LIVE – Cabochons.

We appreciate the feedback that has been shared with us. We've even added a page (What People Say About Us | Seaside Stones) with your kind words. Those who provided feedback, thank you!!! You can still provide feedback and you still may earn a coupon code, a free gift, or you may win a gift certificate. So please let us know what you think!

As I seem to be closing every blog - Whether we know you from a show, from the store, or from online Chris and I thank you for your support of our business over the years, especially in the last year.

Stay well, Theresa

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