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Balance and Gratitude

Normally we run the business from the road January through early April and from the basement and the store the rest of the year. We’ve been “grounded” since mid-March 2020. You would think with being home for 13+ months we would have lots of time on our hands. However, that is certainly not the case!

With no gem and mineral shows and less foot traffic at the store, we’ve expanded the online side of our business. We are now basically running the business from the basement! We’ve improved our workspaces in the basement. And, we’ve gotten lots done in the rest of the house as well, included painting (which Chris just LOVES to do…LOL).

Being self-employed is awesome, but it does not mean better work life balance! Both Chris and I have been struggling to fit everything in that needs to be done – business versus spring planting, jewelry making versus cooking dinner. We’ve come to the conclusion that we work longer hours than when he taught and I worked in the corporate world, but we are having way more fun!

In the last week or so (now that spring is springing in Maine), we’ve decided it is time to find a little more balance in our lives. We took a couple days off last week and it was great! I’ve also said spring cleaning can wait and have spent some quality time at my workbench making some new jewelry!

Balance is hard when you are self-employed since it is how you paid the bills, but the reason we need balance is because of our amazing customers! That is where the gratitude comes in.

There is no real way to explain how much we appreciate our customers. You support our business and you have become our friends. We look forward to our live events because of you!! Chris and I are part of the antics, but our customers are the ones who make it fun for us.

So, as we work to find a little more balance in our lives, please know that we appreciate you so much…even if it takes us a little longer than normal to get back to you.

Pics - us, Chris's workstation, a new display in the store, my work station

Stay well,


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